A Natural Hair Experience

The Experience

SOulFully Textured is an experience in and celebration of naturally textured hair. While home to over 1.2 million females of color, New England rarely hosts a large scale natural hair and beauty event in Boston for textured hair.  SOulFully Textured is destined to be New England’s most anticipated annual natural hair and beauty experience, hosted in the City of Boston. This is "the event" for brands to meet multiculturalism. The event is interactive and features natural hair tips, free health screenings, product demonstrations and education, screenings and a discussion of the film "Natural Hair The Movie," an array of specially curated vendors for attendees to shop, artsy fun to explore in our Paint and Chat sessions, swag bags, giveaways and more. SOulFully Textured is a celebration for those that embrace their naturally textured hair, whether it's wavy, curly, kinky or coily, and is specifically designed for African, African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinas and others with  textured and afro-textured hair, however all are welcomed. This event is not just about hair products and techniques but about educating and eradicating the stigma associated with textured (especially afro-textured) natural hair by showcasing and embracing the beauty of naturally textured hair, and harnessing the spirit of the natural hair movement.  SOulFully Textured is designed to showcase the beauty of embracing one's natural self and changing the beauty standard one celebration at a time.

The Venue

District Hall

SOulFully Textured 2019 took place at District Hall. District Hall is the world's first free-standing public innovation space and is located in the heart of Boston's hottest and newest neighborhood, the Seaport.  District Hall offered a unique, fun and creative space for SOulFully Textured to come alive.  The location put SoulFully Textured's Natural Hair Experience in the center of the largest city in New England, connecting all the right brands, speakers and vendors with the natural hair community from all around the Greater Boston and New England area to celebrate and promote  the beauty and culture of natural hair.

What People Said

The Event guide

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