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Why We Started

The Curated Curl celebrates the beauty of natural, kinky, curly textured hair and is designed for those with afro-textured natural hair to talk about all things related to their natural hair journey – from hair care products and routines, to hairstyles, to how to embrace our natural curls, to eradicating the discrimination and stigma associated with afro-textured natural hair. In our Facebook group, members share information, photos, tips and advice about their natural hair journey. We are also dedicated to creating unique local events, especially in the greater Boston/New England area curated for our cultural identity and natural hair needs.

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Our Community

I have lived in the Boston area since 2001 and have found that Boston and the surrounding communities can feel like a desert when it comes to connecting to our culture and the products and services we desire. When I began my natural hair journey in 2016, I felt I had nowhere to turn locally to find products and salons to help me in my journey. However, when I travel to cities like DC and New York, I am bombarded with hair care products, services and events dedicated to our natural hair care and beauty needs, many of which are made by us. The Curated Curl’s website, Facebook and Instagram community and our events are dedicated to closing the gap in finding the products, services and events we need, which are made or sourced for us, and hopefully by us. My hope is to see us celebrate our curly, kinky roots. And by our roots, I don’t just mean our hair. I mean our businesses, our beauty and our community. Join me in the curation.

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"Natural hair an Exquisite CROWN. Wonder and fascination to many. But to the confident Black Girl or Black Woman who's rockin' it, they know what they've been BORN & BLESSED with. A head full of unique, healthy beauty. NATURAL BEAUTY." 

"Stephanie Lahart"

Mayor Kim Janey at SOulFully Textured, A Natural Hair Experience 2021
The Curated Curl

Mayor Kim Janey at SOulFully Textured, A Natural Hair Experience 2021

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