Event Rules and Regulations (July 2021)


  1.  The Curated Curl (“TCC”) reserves the right to change the venue if it finds a better option to accommodate a growing interest in attendance. In such a case, TCC will notify all sponsors, vendors and attendees.

  2. Tax ID Certificates MUST be Obtained and Displayed: Sponsors and Vendors will not be permitted to display for sale or to sell tangible personal property subject to tax under 830 CMR 64H at the Event unless Sponsor is registered under section sixty-seven as a vendor and displays its certificate of registration in accordance with the provisions of said section. As a result, you must have a Tax ID Number in order to offer items for sale at the Event and Sponsor/Vendor must display the Tax ID at its space. This requirement applies to both in state and out of state vendors. If you do not have a Tax ID Certificate, you can easily obtain one online at no cost at: (https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/employer-id-numbers) 

  3. Event set-up must take place on Saturday, October 16 between 9-10 am; Event breakdown must take place between 4-5 pm, and end by no later than 5 pm. It is the duty and responsibility of Sponsor/Vendor to install its display/exhibit before the opening of the Event and to dismantle its display/exhibit immediately after the close of the Event.

  4. Sponsor/Vendor’s designated space must be staffed 30 minutes prior to the start of the Event and throughout the course of the Event.  Sponsor/Vendor may leave its vending space at its own risk; TCC will not be responsible for Sponsor/Vendor’s belongings and therefore suggest Sponsor/Vendor always have someone at its vending space.

  5. All displays must remain intact until the official closing hour. Early dismantling is disruptive to the Event, therefore, Sponsor/Vendor may not pack, tear down, or remove any portion of their vending space prior to the official closing at 4:00pm EST. Requests for early breakdown will not be granted. Displays must be removed from the vending space no later than 5:00pm on Saturday, October 16th.

  6. Failure to occupy vending space does not release the Sponsor/Vendor from the obligation to pay for the full cost of the vending space or sponsorship. If Sponsor/Vendor’s vending space is not occupied by 10am, TCC will have the right to use such space as it sees fit to eliminate empty spaces in the Venue.

  7. At the conclusion of the Event, Sponsor/Vendor is responsible for dismantling and removing all Event-related materials, equipment and supplies Sponsor/Vendor or Sponsor/Vendor’s representatives brought into the Venue. Sponsor/Vendor must place all refuse in the designated trash receptacles.

  8. Any use of the Venue beyond the scheduled time (including allocated set-up and breakdown time) will be billed to Sponsor/Vendor at the hourly rate of $300.

  9. Deliveries. All equipment and rental deliveries must be scheduled with The Curated Curl at least 14 days prior to the Event. Deliveries may take place no sooner than 1 hour before the Event and must be removed within 1 hour after the Event. Event set-up must take place between 9-10 am and breakdown must take place between 4-5 pm, and end by no later than 5 pm.

  10. All items larger than a 2’x2’x2’ package must be transported through the Assembly Bay exterior doors. Parking on District Hall Patio Space and Outdoor Walkways is strictly prohibited.

  11. All sponsors/vendors must provide their own tablecloths, display, pipe and drape, lighting, racks etc. TCC will provide a 5' table (while supplies last), and two chairs for each vending space unless Sponsor/Vendor noted it does not need the table and/or chairs, or vendor selected to rent a 6' table. Electricity is not guaranteed.  If available, electricity may be provided if specifically agreed and provided for in your Sponsor/Vendor Agreement.

  12. Displays/exhibits must be contained within Sponsor/Vendor’s vending space.

  13. Items, including without limitations, signage, chairs, racks or products are not allowed in the aisle.

  14. Sponsor/Vendor’s table(s) must be covered to the floor.

  15. All vending spaces, displays, exhibits must be kept neat and professional.

  16. Vendor/Sponsor may not sublet or share its vending space.

  17. Sponsor/Vendor must price all items available for purchase.

  18. Sponsor/Vendor shall not nail, screw, tape or otherwise attach anything to the walls, ceilings, floors or fixtures of the Venue. Tape, ink or tacks on the tables or chairs are not permitted. Use of permanent markers is not permitted anywhere inside the Venue.

  19. All signage, banners and decorations and their placement must be approved by The Curated Curl in advance. No signage, banners or decorations may be attached to walls or ceilings or Venue fixtures.

  20. The following activities, materials, and equipment are strictly prohibited: fog producing equipment; candles and other open flames; confetti; glitter; helium balloons; pyrotechnics.

  21. All electrical cords and equipment cables must be installed so as not to present a hazard and must be in accordance with National Fire Protection Association safety standards and all fire codes.

  22. Sponsor/Vendor shall keep the space designated to Sponsor/Vendor and the furniture and equipment provided by The Curated Curl to Sponsor/Vendor clean and free from damage. If Sponsor/Vendor causes any damage during the course of the Event, Sponsor/Vendor will be responsible for any replacement or repair cost and may not be eligible to participate in future events.

  23. Only the Venue personnel or its approved vendors may operate heating and air conditioning controls, lighting, audio/visual equipment and other Venue equipment and systems.

  24. No Smoking. The Venue is a smoke-free building; smoking is allowed only in a designated outdoor smoking area.

  25. Exits may not be blocked at any time.

  26. Please note that no outside food or beverage is allowed in the Venue.

  27. Neither The Curated Curl LLC, Event producers, the Venue, nor their owners, officers, agents or employees shall be liable for any damage occurring in Sponsor/Vendor’s vending space or any loss of Sponsor/Vendor’s by any cause. At Sponsor/Vendor’s election, Sponsor/Vendor may take out insurance, including fire and theft insurance, at Sponsor/Vender’s own expense covering its property against loss due to fire, theft, accident or any other cause.

  28. Sponsor/Vendor’s participation in this Event grants TCC (and those acting on its behalf) the right to photograph, videotape and otherwise record Vendor/Sponsor and Sponsor/Vendor’s products, use such photos, videos and recordings with or without Sponsor/Vendor’s name for any purpose, including the advertising and promotion of TCC and its events, in all manner and media, worldwide in perpetuity without any compensation to Sponsor/Vendor. Sponsor/Vendor releases TCC and its designees from any claims that Sponsor/Vendor has or may have relating to the photo, videos, recordings and the Event.